Cockroach 1.2 for Windows 10


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Cockroach is completely free instant messaging, enjoying, like Kadu or GNUGadu a known protocol Messenger. As the most important asset Roach indicate "cosmic" layout, which differs significantly from both the customer's original e-mail and general applications on the Windows platform. Colours of the program can be set arbitrarily, depending on preferences. The program also requires much less memory than the standard GG, instead of more than 20 MB "eats" its only about 4 MB. It is ad-free and additive alternative to the standard e-mail client, equipped with basic functions: * text chat with other users GG * Import and export your contact list from server * built-in set of 45 emoticons * archive conversations in the form of an HTML file * the use of several user accounts on one computer What's new in the new version (1.2)? * Ability to change the color scheme * Automatic redial lost connection to the server * facilitated transfer of addresses (links) online * remember the last card when you turn off the * ability to set vertical descriptions